The Mark Condos

The Mark: Built With A Terrific Team!

Builders are the “face” of every structure that’s built, but it takes literally hundreds of people to take any building from concept to completion.

And so as we closed the last units at The Mark yesterday, we pause to recognize those hundreds of people who made it possible, from the architect, the engineers, the attorneys, the lenders, the title company, the suppliers, the contractors – the list goes on and on.

Collectively, they formed a team of which we’re so proud and with which we're so pleased to work.

Naming The Mark: A Tribute to Dr. Mark Kaminski

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Buildings are often named after people to pay tribute to their achievements.  Such was the case when we were in the early stages of planning a condominium building at 318 West Liberty - a building now nearing completion - and my husband Alex suggested "The Mark."

For us, it was personal.  Fourteen years ago, Dr. Mark Kaminski, Director of the Multidisciplinary Lymphoma Clinic at The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, saved my life.

Making Way For The Mark

On March 23, Bill Bush - the first of literally hundreds of people who will work on The Mark - climbed into his excavating machine at 10:30 A.M. He cranked it up, raised its claw and bgan disassembling the car wash to make way for The Mark, condos to be built at 318 W. Liberty Street.

The Mark Is Poised To Begin!

Downtown Ann Arbor is about to see The Mark! 

Demolition of the former Liberty Car Wash, which closed December 31, 2014, will soon begin to make way for the new, seven residence building.

After nearly two years in the making, we couldn’t be more excited!

And if you’re excited about downtown living, give me a call.  But hurry – these residences are going fast!

Betsy de Parry, VP Sales and Marketing, (734) 216-5872