The Gallery's Green Roof

Gallery Roof

Atop The Gallery is a carpet of plants, otherwise known as a green, or living, roof.  Why?

We happen to believe that it is incumbent upon us all to do our bit, in whatever way we can, to reduce the human impact on climate change and to reduce the pressure on local infrastructure. Green roofs can help. How?

In the summer, the plants absorb sunlight so there’s less demand for air conditioning.  And in the winter, the natural insulation they provide reduces heat loss in ways that traditional roofs can’t. 

Simply put, green roofs help to reduce the demand for energy which in turn means fewer greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, the plants on green roofs filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen, thus contributing to air purification. 

Green roofs also help to control stormwater runoff by absorbing water in the plants and growing medium. The water is released back into the atmosphere which reduces the pressure on local stormwater infrastructures and sanitary sewer systems.

In summary, green roofs can certainly create lovely oases for city dwellers who overlook them, but their benefits go well beyond aesthetics.  And those benefits are why The Gallery has a green roof. 

-Betsy de Parry, VP, Sales and Marketing