Home Maintenance

Fall Maintenance And Hot Mulled Wine: A Recipe For Keeping Your Home In Tip Top Shape

Football games.  Pumpkin picking.  Apple cider. Halloween.  Fall is so much fun!  If you can squeeze a little preventive maintenance in between all the activities, you can help keep your home in top condition.  Now is a good time to check the following areas of your home...and a way to make the chores a little more fun.

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Home

The snow has melted.  The birds are chirping.  The temperatures are rising.  And the daffodils are blooming! Hooray - spring has finally sprung!

And taking a few minutes for a spring checkup of your home will help keep it in top condition.  Here are a few tips.

1.  As the snow melted, your sump pump worked harder to keep water away from your foundation.  These few steps will help it do its job: