Need More Space? Expand!

Huchins before after

Need more room?  Or a major overhaul?  But love your location?

That was the situation of the owners of the home in the photos when they contacted us.   The house was close to downtown and within walking distance to the Big House - no worrying about football parking for them! 

They loved the location but had outgrown the house, and the only way to expand was to go up due to the size of the lot.  

The project may look daunting but it was nothing new for us.  When Ann Arbor Builders began in 1971, its earliest jobs included renovating many old properties in downtown Ann Arbor.  And we've since restored, renovated, remodeled and expanded countless structures.

We began by gutting the house, tearing off the roof and adding a second floor.  The result?  Nearly twice the space and happy owners. 

- Betsy de Parry, VP, Marketing and Sales