Four Reasons To Build A New Home

Home Under Construction

It’s no surprise that we think new homes have lots of advantages over existing ones – after all, Ann Arbor Builders has been building homes for many, many years.  But the advantages of building a new home aren’t just our opinion.  Here are a few good reasons:

  1. YOUR HOME – YOUR WAY.  Your new home will be exactly the way you want, not just close.  Want your laundry on the second floor?  Done!  Always dreamed of a gigantic walk-in closet?  Easy! A new home can be designed to meet your needs and will reflect your style, not someone else’s. Why settle for someone else’s kitchen or bath when you can choose all your favorite cabinets and counters? 
  2. NO SURPRISE REPLACEMENTS:   The materials used to build a new home will give you years of enjoyment before they need replacement.  Existing homes are likely have components that may need to be replaced . . .sometimes when you least expect it.   
  3. ENERGY SAVINGS:  Your monthly utility costs are lower in new homes than most existing homes because new homes are far more energy efficient than ever before. 
  4. INDOOR AIR QUALITY:  You and your family will breathe easier in a new home because they have better ventilation and air filtration systems.  Today’s high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners use the latest environmentally-friendly coolants, and cabinets, carpets and paints use fewer or even no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s, which are those nasty chemicals that are emitted from cleaning supplies, furnishings and yes, building products).

To sum it up, new homes offer the latest designs, technology, comfort and style. 

Betsy de Parry, VP Marketing and Sales